Verizon acquiring Visible

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I've been with Visible for a year or two. Lately my phone has been lagging: messages often don't send the first try, my internet connection seems to have been throttled down, etc. Has anyone else noticed something similar? Or maybe my phone just decided to start being trash shortly after the acquisition. 


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Visible has always been owned by Verizon and operates on the Verizon network; however recently Visible changed from a cloud-based service using a proxy-based service to plans that now operate directly on the Verizon network. I you're still on the legacy plan your on the older cloud-based service. It might be that you're seeing the affects of that plan being now grandfathered service which will eventually be fully retired. You might want to consider upgrading to one of the new plans - eventually you'll have to or move on from Visible. Your existing phone may no longer be compatible with Visible despite working on the legacy plan as some are discovering.

So it wasn't an acquisition that started the shenanigans, it was their desire to kick me off of the $25 plan to force me into a new, "improved" plan? And what of the $400 I spent to purchase these two phones from them? It seems the phones need to be 5G capable, and the ones I bought are not. How long until they just shut my phone's service off?

You do not need to have a phone that is 5G capable to work on the new plans, your phones, if compatible will run on the 4G LTE network on either of the new plans. I ran into the problem that the phone I bought from here last year when I joined shows it is not compatible with the new plans. I chatted with customer service on a couple occasions with questions. There is no definite date set yet when we have to switch to one of the new plans but guessing it will be at the beginning of the year when they get rid of party pay. As far as phone compatibility, I was told they are working on getting as many phones from moved the old list over to the new. I just don't think they are putting much effort into it though. There has been at least one person that has activated a new Sim on a compatible phone and moved it his old phone that showed not compatible and it still worked on the network. Will a phone that shows not compatible work with a new plan? Who knows and seems like Visible is just blacklisted all old phones to make money on selling everyone new overpriced phones. 


I am still on the old plan and staying there until we have to move, the extra $5 a month I would rather keep in my pocket then give it to them. We only have 4G LTE in my area and in the last month I have actually saw an improvement in my data speeds especially during the day as my speeds would slow down so low before because of higher usage during daytime hours.