Apple Watch has a different phone number than my iPhone?

Novice II

I don't remember this being the case before, but after I switched my iPhone to an eSIM, my Apple Watch Series 7 has a different phone number than my iPhone. I thought before that they were synced? I had my phone turned off and tried calling my wife from my Apple Watch and it had a completely different phone number (same area code, though). 


Is there any way to fix this, or is it supposed to be this way? No one would know that it's me if I called from my Apple Watch (as it's setup now). How do I get this fixed?


You cannot fix it on your own, the reps have to escalated it to the higher department, I wish you good luck reaching a rep, please note it can take up to 2 weeks until the higher department will get back to you 

Novice II

Were you ever able to get this resolved? I seem to be having the same problem now with my 2nd Gen SE after converting to esim on my iPhone 11.