Billing address vs shipping address


I am a full-time RVer, so I know if I give a company my shipping address, they can’t bill me.  They need my billing address because my credit card is tied to it.  But if I give the company the billing address, they might try to ship the product to the billing address- which is not where I am located.  My shipping address (where I am) changes frequently.  

Visible asks for a “Billing address and Shipping address”.  SAME ADDRESS USED FOR BOTH.  Then they ask for a “Service address”?  I’m not getting “Serviced”, I’m getting a SIM card that I am still waiting to receive because it was sent to the wrong address.  

Let’s get the Terminology straight.  


Intermediate II

My wife and I are part time RVers.  I feel your pain.  Not sure what the solution is but there must be a work around.



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I was told if billing address and shipping address are different, that you can pay through PayPal and should be fine. You can put your shipping address on Visible’s site and PayPal would have your billing address. 


Fellow RVer here - Its quite the pickle. You are correct - if you put the shipping address, you can't get through the billing process (failed card); and if you put the billing address, they will ship it to the wrong location. In an attempt to deal with this (I spent all weekend failing time and again) I did the latter while chatting with a rep and then she changed the shipping address once the purchase went through (I think I could have done this too but it wouldn't take). Anyway, guess what. It still shipped incorrectly and is now gonna cost me to have it reshipped from my box. Ugh. I have a call with a supervisor later as this has been a nightmare and even the support escalations didn't help. The paypal option is a good idea - but make sure your paypal account doesn't need your card info because that even failed for me.