Changing phones in brand new Visible account


Just set up Visible as my carrier two days ago.  Will be coming from Cricket.  Now I discovered I can't activate the S23 I bought on-line (Ebay) because it is locked to Verizon.  I will be returning it for another fully unlocked S23.  What do I do with the current Visible account and the two months' of service I paid for upon set-up?  Cancel it (no refunds for payments made) or leave it as is?  Will I be able to set-up/activate a new phone (new ESIM) without having to pay for a new device and more money? Thanks for suggestions.


Intermediate III

Typically you aren't charged until you've successfully activated and ported (not at the time of simply placing the order). At the same time, I've never heard of being able to pay 2 months in advance on Visible. But then again never say never with Visible.

It's not exactly clear what your issue is - can you expand upon it a bit more clearly?

That's good news.  Thank you for your response.


The S23 phone I purchased was supposed to be unlocked by Verizon.  It turned out to be LOCKED to Verizon.  I tried to get an unlock code from them but, because (to my chagrin) I was a Verizon customer once upon a time, they saw my account from four years ago (which ended with me porting my phone number to my current Cricket service) and told me they could only provide a porting key once.  Thus, when it came to trying to activate my new phone with my new Visible carrier, I could not do so because of the Verizon lock.


EBay seller seems willing to take it back and refund or exchange to another fully unlocked S23.  Can't go any further with the one I purchased, and have already wiped it to factory specs pending my returning it.