Data works, but Phone does not work


I signed up for Visible yesterday, got a new phone number, and received my SIM card today.

I loaded the app and followed the instructions add the new SIM to my phone.

My phone is an unlocked OnePlus Pro 8 5G  (IN2025) with dual SIM slots. Visible customer service confirmed my  phone is compatible, and my IMEI numbers are fine and compatible.

I put the Visible SIM into the SIM2 slot (IMEI2), and followed the instructions to reboot my phone.  I got 3 bars with Visible. I could not make a Phone call... HOWEVER, I did have Data service!

When I tried to make a Phone call, I got some error recording about "cannot place this call".

To troubleshoot, I tried the following:

  • Swap SIM2 (Visible) and SIM1 (AT&T). Cannot make Phone call.
  • Remove the AT&T SIM from SIM1 slot, put only the Visible SIM in SIM1 slot. Cannot make Phone call.
  • Uninstall/reinstall the Visible app. Cannot make Phone call.
  • Reset the APN. Cannot make Phone call.

Nothing I tried work. Data is working, but everything I tried I could not make a Phone call.

Visible customer service said "There must be a problem with your SIM, we'll overnight send you a new one." I'm fine with that, but I don't see how that could be the problem if I have Data working fine, which to me means that the SIM is activated. Data works. Only the Phone calling doesn't work.

Any suggestions?




I would just give the new sim a try, maybe there is some corrupted  information on it.  If that solves your problem please post back so others can learn!

If a post has solved your problem, please mark it as an acceptable solution, it helps others that may have experienced a similar issue get a quick resolution.


ScottKeen - Any updates? Did you get it sorted?


ScottKeen - Any updates? Did you get the phone working properly?