No cell service since 1/11, now Visible Web and App say 502 Server Error.



cannot access website or use app. 502 Server Error

No service in major US metro area beginning on Wednesday 1/11/23.

Numerous chats (hahahahahaha) smarmy and ZERO help. 


Updated software.

Hard reset.

Factory Reset.

Tried the suggestion on this site to input a different SIM and then try again with the Visible SIM.

SIM failed to activate.



I have been having the same problem- No bars (they’re either greyed out or say “SOS”) I was told I needed to upgrade to a new plan- but I was in a “party pay” so I had to leave my party, pay for a month of regular priced service, then I could upgrade to the new plan. (What am I supposed to do for this month?!¿)

But my family was able to upgrade with no issues? I did it in hubs phone just to make sure it wasn’t a user error, and it was a seamless upgrade for his phone. 
I'm back on here killing time waiting for customer service because guess what- I have no service again. (3x this week AND I’m out of state on a trip right now)

best of luck to you- 


Have you paid for the service? Check if the auto-pay is enabled. Try to access the website from incognito window of Chrome.