PSIM to ESIM enable plan switching?

Novice II

I moved another line over... this involved a PSIM, as the device I purachased was an iPhone 13p. Port from ATT. It almost was smooth, but the iphone arrived without a PSIM, and the friendly chat rep explained that he couldn't set it up with an esim, they overnighted me a new psim. I chose the 30$ plan to see what it was like. 


Well long story short my port was successful but the system didn't activate me, becasue it was expecting a sim card that shipped with the phone not the one overnighted to me. So it did require a ticket escalation sadly and it took a few hours. Visible did email me throughtout the process and when I received the you are all set, I was really all set. Enjoying the service so far and happy.


But online and in the app, I cann't switch plans. When I log into my family members account who activated on ESIM (Iphone 14p) they can switch online and in the app.


Does esim enable plan swtiching withouth customer service?