Phone bricked during transfer

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My wife and I both have the same iPhone coming from the same Verizon account. Mine transferred with the eSIM, hers just gets a message that something went wrong. Visible keep saying 24 to 48 hours for a response, and yet we’ve heard nothing for 3-4 days now. Anyone else have this issue or know of a way to get this remedied? Being without a phone for 4 days seems unreasonable for a transfer. 



Hi, my switching to eSIM also didn't go smooth. It got stock on 70% or something and didn't move for few hours. I restarted my phone but had no SIM connection after that. I had to reach out to Visible support through Chat and they guided me and helped. They used my EMEI to help me reconnect to the SIM and the eSIM was successfully installed afterwards. Can you connect with the Visible Support?