Samsung A13 Text messaging


I bought an A13 from the Visible store last Sept.  Initially, I had some trouble getting the text messaging to work, but with the help of, I was able to get all of my issues resolved.  


This morning, my phone lost all signal for about 10min.  When it came back "online" I've lost text messaging again.  I tried the fix from my initial issue (adding Access Points), but they will not save.  


Anyone have an idea?


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By the number of posts it appears Visible has had some issues with texting that started last night. They might be busy but you should maybe try getting a hold of customer service. Instead of waiting on chat maybe try Facebook messenger or maybe Twitter. FB link can be found bottom righthand corner of this page.

I just spent over an hour on hold.  Customer service consisted of cycling the phone in and out of airplane mode and then a restart.  They guaranteed that would fix it, but it didnt.   Then we were mysteriously cut off.  I'm not sure what to do....but will probably be looking at other providers tomorrow.