Still not activated :(

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So... it's been 17 hours since I tried to activate service with Visible using a physical Visible SIM card and I still don't have service even though I have been charged $25. I've posted below this paragraph what the person on chat just told me. It's 2021, nobody should have to wait 24 to 48 hours to have a phone activated. This is not good customer service.
"Alright, so I can see that your case has been sent to our specilaists and their timeframe for working on this is 24 to 48 hours and they'll also send you an update on it then. This case was just sent to them 17 hours ago and I can assure you that it's being worked on. We really appreciate your patience throughout this process Jeff and we'll make sure to work on fixing everything and activating the service for you."

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I was told to expect any email within 48 hours confirming a solution four times before it came more than three weeks after my first contact. 

The lack of communication from Visible and their seemingly inability to get my phone activated is a major concern of mine. I'll give them one more day then, after that, I'm moving on to another company and will make sure EVERYONE I know is aware of the issues I have had with Visible.

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Well... I waited 48 hours and Visible was never able to activate my phone. I snatched out the Visible SIM then headed to Mint Mobile where I had my phone up and running with an eSIM in about 10 minutes. I will make sure to tell all my friends and family that may be searching for prepaid cellular service to avoid Visible like the plague.

I am having this problem with eSim. It worked till I ported my number over from VZN. I got all the same messages about the escalation and they are working as quickly as possible. It’s been over 24 hours since I had use of a phone. Wow.

Got an email today saying they fixed the problem. NOPE.


Did you ever get this fixed. I am still waiting process. I am so afraid of loosing everything on my phone. I am about to back out


You are trading the poor customer service from Visible for non-unlimited data, having to pay for multiple months at a time, and having to pay their monthly prices plus the added on taxes and fees, and you now get customer support you can call on the phone.


Your experience is represented in this graphic, where you can only choose two:


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The Venn diagram assumes no innovation in business process to maintain service and performance. I took the risk because I thought that they saved money by not having phone support (appealing only to a younger demographic) and possibly other service or process changes. Most people reporting their reviews had a good experience to the point where I figured the poor experience was due to lack of familiarity with tech. BUT, I got bitten too.

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Escalate your case to FCC. 

Here the link

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I'm on my 3rd day of spending hours on chats before they finally escalated it.  So, today, the escalation should be getting back to me in 4 - 48 hours - on top of the 3 days I've already spent. AT&T just installed my new Fiber Internet, and their Sales Guy figured up quotes on the spot to add my cell service too. AT this point, how much time have I lost? and how much business have I lost because my new iphone can't be activated??