Visible eSIM App Update

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Our Visible app has been updated for iOS and Android with new and improved eSIM functionality to make the eSIM to eSIM all self serviceable.

Make sure you are up to date on the latest version.

For a step by step on how to complete the process see our Help Center article here 

How is this working for you? Let us know in the comments. 


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Same. And I have been waiting on chat for over 4 hours & keep getting kicked off. 


Same. And I have been in the que waiting on “live agent” for over 4 hours! I just switched yesterday to Visible & I am regretting it! 

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I have a physical sim but I decided to try switching to esim and now I'm stuck on the screen "We're setting up your Visible service plan" for hours and it keeps timing out. There's no way to go back to the physical sim so I can restore my cellular service. And no one from your Live Chat ever connects. If this isn't resolved by tomorrow I will switch to a different provider. Terrible service.

Did u try turning off airplane mode and back on, then turning off esim toggle off and on again then restarting phone? That may solve it, doesn't  hurt to try. I had to do all that, in that order right after porting my cellphone number over from T-Mobile because my service wasn't  working and I thought oh no, I screwed up. It works fine after all that, and was quick porting over.

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I’m still trying to get through because everyone keeps telling me about a button or a link I can click on to switch to a newer plan.  I went through Messenger around 11:00 am, checking back around noon I had their Messenger version of the chat “we’re busy” message.  Nothing since, and my bill is due by the 29th AND if this doesn’t get resolved, I’m not sure I’m sticking around.


Will the esim work with the original plan or do you need the new plan? 

Sorry you never got a reply! I guess the “management” just makes announcements and outsources their chat agents. I am sorry I wish I could fix it for you!


Will the esim work with the old plan?


How come I can't transfer my number from iphone 13 psim to iphone 14 esim? they are both on visible network.


I tried to transfer my number from my iphone 13 psim to iphone 14 esim, both on visible network, i keep getting activation fail. After that my phone 14 has no more signal. I can't use the app because it starts at the activation page where i get an error message and directs me to  customer service where no one is working.


eSim activation failed and now my old phone is deactivated too so I cannot attempt to reactivate. Now I’m on hour two waiting for someone to come on chat support. I’ll be switching to another company if this isn’t resolved by tomorrow. My phone number is my business and I can’t be down tomorrow. Very very disappointed that you all dropped the ball so badly with this. At least bring more reps online to service chat support. I’m obviously not the only person having issues. 

Same issue for me! Ive been trying for two days straight to get at least one phone to work now. I actually deleted back to factory settings and started over. Still not luck. I went to a Verizon store and they said Visible is a different company and they can't help. Not being able to get on a chat or call anyone makes me want to change from this company to another, just to fix this problem. A company that has phone assistance when you have a problem. If any of you find out what to do, please let me know by tomorrow or I'll be switching to something else.

I figured it out on Tuesday around 12:00 am. You have to download the eSIM onto your old phone first, then transfer to the new phone! Yah! I’m so happy I figured it out, but it was a lot of trouble! 

That would only work if your old phone supports eSIM. Mine does not. Goodbye Visible.

But how did you download the sim onto your old phone?  It's not working for me and now neither phone has service 😞

How did you know to do that? I'm scheduled to do the esim nightmare tomorrow and dreading it!!

This thread is over a year old and the dynamic has changed. Based on prior conversations I think you are an existing member and  have an iPhone with a physical SIM and getting a new iPhone only supporting eSIM. The latest instructions  and those I would follow for are:


How do I switch to eSIM?

If you are an existing member, it’s easy to transfer your service to a new phone with eSIM or switch to eSIM on your current device. Just follow these steps:

1. MAKE SURE your NEW eSIM-compatible device is connected to WiFi, updated with the latest software (iOS or Android), and fully charged
2. DOWNLOAD, OPEN, and LOGIN to the Visible App on your NEW eSIM-compatible device
3. NAVIGATE to “Your Devices” and scroll down to "Switching phones is SIMple" then click on “Switch Now”
4. FOLLOW the on-screen instructions to transfer your SIM
Visible has gotten better in this regard but be prepared for the unexpected. even I had a problem porting in with a physical SIM a while back, but surprisingly Chat was able to correct it in minutes despite numerous horror stories here and elsewhare. Busting through the robot, Connai, is the hardest part.
Regardless, do let us know how it turned out - it's always good to have more recent success stories or horror stories as the case may be.

this is very disheartening for a new customer. I am having the same issues.

I hear ya, I think I made a mistake. Try to save a buck and all kinds of bs. I have been chatting for hours


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Version 4.2.0 of the app, released today, seems to fix at least some of the problems.

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Gave up on help after waiting three hours in messenger.  Tried Chat but it terminated my session before I connected to an agent.  Will probably switch carriers tomorrow as I am stuck with a phone that can call out but cannot receive calls.  I tried multiple times to transfer the esim to an iphone 13 pro.  The transfer appears to be successful.  I’ve rebooted, waited before trying to call but no success.  Anyone who calls my number hears two to three rings followed by silence.  My phone does not ring.  I deleted the esim and reactivated it multiple times, still no success.  Without the ability to get support I have no choice but to go to a carrier where I can actually reach a person.

Yes, what a mistake

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Been seeking support since 3:50pm.  Now it is 8:05 pm.  Transfer of esim to new iphone did not work.  Can place outgoing calls. Cannot receive calls.  Caller gets two rings followed by silence and my iphone does not ring.  Deleted and installed esim multiple times with no success.  Since I cannot get support, I have no choice but to run out tomorrow morning and switch carriers.

Yep-your so called update didn’t work, and by the way apple released 16.1 update while you guy were sitting on your thumbs trying to figure out eSIM. The funny thing is it’s probably a process that you’re doing wrong and screwing yourselves out of customers 😂 😂 

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We have two lines and one of them is lost in the eSIM cycle of failure. The app does not have the items described in the instructions on the line getting the new phone. (Of course the other line does!)  My wife is cursing our decision to go with Visible because it is clear the IT side is not up to date on things like eSIM.


Tomorrow will be day 4 without a working phone as we wait to hear back from tech support (via Facebook Messenger, LOL)...

It took me days to get the eSIM to work. Visible chat tech had to escalate and I received an email saying it would work. Sorry there is no other way to help. 

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eSIM isn't even applicable to most Androids on Visible. Everytime I check the "Transfer to eSIM" in the app, it says my IMEI number is not available, but I have an eSIM compatible phone. (S22 Ultra.)

I'm having more problems with this service and my Samsung s23Ultra, I'm changing back to my old service after my sixty days of having to have this service. I have had the service for two years on another phone, and it was no problem. I bought my Samsung s23Ultra when I upgraded my service. I've had more trouble with getting ANY help at all, and I have been hung up on and disconnected so many times, I'M DONE WITH THEM. I now have a phone that I can't even answer! It took three weeks from the time I got the phone, and all of the agents I talked to, couldn't do anything to help with this, and you can never get through! I even went to a Verizon store, and they couldn't help! Finally after three weeks, someone finally said they had an esim card in my phone, and their service should of just operated off of the sim card that is in there, so they swithched that around. I can't answer my phone to this day, and it still shows on my old phone, that the service was supposed to transfer FROM! DO NOT ADVISE ANYONE TO GET THIS SERVICE!

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i do not have service or app access trying to upgrade i might switch to a different carrier soon if i cannot get access 



I just completed the network upgrade on my Iphone 13 Pro. I ordered the SIM card but Fedex is not my favorite delivery service in my area and it had been a couple days since I ordered the SIM... I contacted customer service on my computer VIA chat and used wifi to connect my phone to the app and they were able to help me cancel my order and use an esim to setup my phone for the network upgrade and change my plan... Customer service was great and they got my squared away in no time. The key was to contact them on the computer through chat so the phone could be restarted several times.


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I still had unbelievable difficulty with activating eSIM! It took 6 days of trying to use chat for help but I ended up speaking to 10+ agents and each conversation got “disconnected” for random reasons including my IP address getting blocked for 24 hours which is a major problem according to Reddit. So today I tried again and was disconnected by 2 agents then finally I spoke to this wonderful gentleman that was FINALLY able to get this BS resolved and I was able to successfully activate my service using eSIM on iPhone only to realize the speeds are terrible compared to Straight Talk also using Verizon also owned by Verizon just like Visible. I really want to love this service especially since it is so cheap but maybe this is a way to get us to give up and go for Verizon post paid lol

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Just delete this post because you didn't fix anything by the looks of things for me and the rest of the comments

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I realize this is a 2022 post and it looks like a lot of the complaints stopped 2023.

Just wanted to report that May 2024, we just did 3 activations (e-sim) perfectly, without problem, and all in less than 5 mins. App worked perfectly. Thank you.

Well if your so positive about your esim downloads y has it been literally 2 weeks and still counting of days iv tried multiple esim downloads, done every trick they have told me,  that iv read... and visible still can't fix the problem.  This happened last year as well but that time after my 3rd day of service with already having a physical Sim. The Sim just stopped working,  visible denied me a new physical Sim and insisted on an esim. The entire month of paid service went by without me being able to make a single call,  recieve texts,  or have mobile data.  They wouldn't refund my money or credit me because of the first 3 days having the original Sim card use. They told me if I wanted service or continue on I had to pay another month. Paid it... that entire month went by with me trying to get my phone to activate!!! They wouldn't refund my money or give me a credit.  I said forget em, I was irrate! Let visible for a year,  wanted to switch back in hopes they got stuff figured out.  It's now been 2 weeks of the same ... this company is the biggest joke,  unprofessional, thieving business iv ever dealt with.  They have literally had there agents promising me,  garunteeing me things then not followed through,  right after they send me emails of policy terms and high lighted... visible is not responsible for there any of there agents words, promises nor guarantees that were said in live chats. 




Anything positive I read about this company blows me away because it's 100% false! Do not pay these people a dime!