Visible website and app are down

Novice III

I cannot get into the website or app. iOS or windows platform. I get a 502 server error. I am on Verizon fios at home and I can go on any other website without issue. Has anyone else had this issue? 

The only way I can get on or the app is thru using visible LTE hotspot, and it is usually too slow to support a chat session. Otherwise I have to wait until the site lets me in. Usually early in the morning, which I am assuming is an overloaded server. Any ideas other than sheer regret?


Novice II

Same here and CS doesn't seem to care. At this point I just want to close my account

I have endured the he’ll for close to a week. The other issue, where my Verizon worked fine? Was the grocery. I lost complete service.  Had to cycle airplane mode and it came back. But the service is not like the Verizon I use to have. 

which plan are you on?