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Dear all users:  This is a user help forum.  We true can sort some issues.  However we are not CS.  So if you are having issues such as no service and turning off and on the device, Turning off and on Airplane mode doesn't work Than I would suggest you chat into CS.  It certainly beats being without your service for an entire day.  I'm only making this post as I've seen more and more people think we can do more than CS.  We can't.  We are users just like you.  It certainly doesn't hurt to post here as well for suggestions but CS should be the quickest way to get your issue resolved.  I hope this helps some.


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Great thread. I will add that this is a peer to peer forum. Us Superusers are customers like you who volunteer our time to try and help out more than your average user that visits here. Any user can post solutions if you know how to help the user who posted.


If you are having trouble on chat and are conversing with the chatbot type agent or live agent, this will get the attention of human to help you with your issue. 


If you have a particular issue with a phone, not service or account related, someone may be able to help.