need help porting from Verizon prepaid


Hi, I have a friend who is totally blind.  He is trying to bring his number from Verizon Prepaid.  Visible keeps saying the account number is wrong.  Can anyone of our smart users please help?  I have been helping him with this.  We've spent over 3 hours on this still no luck.  Help is truly appreciated.


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Something I saw on reddit before the blackout there that you actually migrate a number from Verizon and not port. Not sure what the difference is though. I also read that you use the account PIN and not the porting PIN, not 100% sure about this. I think I also saw in one post where someone contacted Verizon and they were able to do the migration, not sure if that is true. Maybe try and contact Verizon and see if you can get to a tier two person their and see if they can help otherwise you are stuck with Visible customer service. 


I wish I could be of more help but I am not tech savvy at all.


Update to this.  this solution will work.  See below.

If prepaid  do the following:

get your account number.

2 if they give you a port out pin that is 6 digits ignore it.

3 provide your account pin when porting out.

If you are post paid do the following.


1 get account number and port out pin.

2 provide the account number and 6 diget port out pin you were provided.  This will allow you to bring your service to Visible.