Wrong number on account after port


I signed up Saturday October 1st. I was given a new number. I asked for my old number from another carrier to be moved in.

It was transferred everything is working fine but my account with Visible still shows the original number they assigned to me. 

How can I correct that? 


Novice III

I had the same problem. I contacted support, and they asked me to redownload the eSIM, after which my account reflected the correct phone number in the mobile application and the website. (I was scared of this action because I didn't want my phone number to change back to the number Visible initially gave me)


It's very weird how in order to resolve any problem with Visible, you have to redownload your eSIM, even though the issue is completely unrelated. It seems like when you redownload the eSIM, that's the only time their system attempts to refresh/update your account. So even if everything's working fine and in the future, something goes haywire, rather than just updating your account from the backend, they make you redownload the eSIM so that process will trigger an update to the backend. Seems like a very convoluted process.


So I have similar issues. I typed in the wrong number to be ported. How do I get the correct number?