Can't log in to activate

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I have set up two phones, two accounts, two different email addresses. The first one received a new phone number, the second ported from another carrier. The first worked beautifully, no problems. The second one, however = nightmare.


First of all, I can't log in to Phone2's Visible account in web browser (tried on PC and phone), or in the app on the phone. I get an "Oops. Something went wrong..." error message. I tried to reset my password, and when I eventually received the email, I followed the link to change it, but still can't use it to log in. I get an error message "The information you entered does not match what we have on file."

I HAVE been on chat because I can't log in to activate my service on the new phone and sim (purchased through Visible's site) with my old number. (Yes, I received the email saying that my number is ready to transfer, so that's not the problem.)

The polite and willing-to-help agent went through some procedures with me, but when he couldn't resolve my issue, he said he would escalate it to a superior technician, and that I would receive an email with instructions. Well, I've been waiting over 24 hours now for such a communication. It's the very last day that the PIN to transfer my old service will work, which further frustrates me.

I really think the problem must be with my Visible account profile, but no one has been able to help me fix this, or pinpoint exactly what is causing the problem. I received the agent's test email, so it's not that the email address is wrong or anything like that.

Anyone with a suggestion other than "chat with an agent" would be most appreciated.


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Try and login and activate phone2 acct with phone1 on the visible LTE. No home Wi-Fi. There is something up with their service on Wi-Fi. They know about it, there is no rhyme or reason when it goes down; Server error 502 is an overloaded server. but it seems to work using their LTE. Right now their website and app are working on my home Wi-Fi. Good luck. 

Thanks! I will definitely try that, and see if it works.

Just to clarify: Do you mean...?

1.) Log out of the Visible app on Phone#1, and log back in on #1 with Phone#2's credentials

[Done this way, won't it give me an error because of using the wrong SIM card?]


2.) Use Phone#1 as a hotspot to which I connect Phone#2, and try to log in to #2's Visible app

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Same! I made a separate post about it. What plan are you on? Were you able to do it when not using wifi?  Please update if you find a solution. 

I'm on the Basic plan. I haven't had time yet today to try again, but I plan to do so ASAP.

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Update: Visible customer service did send that email, saying they identified the problem and fixed it. They didn't explain what the problem was, but I'm assuming it was something with my account. I reset my password, and voila! activation went through. I hope everyone with similar problems can get it worked out.

Thank you for your input.

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Update: Visible customer service did send the promised email, stating that they identified and fixed the problem. They didn't specify what the problem was, but I'm assuming it was related to my account or profile. I followed the included link to reset my password, uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my phone, and voila! activation completed. I hope everyone with similar problems gets it solved as easily.