New customer can't sign up

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I have an iPhone 14 and trying to sign up for Visible. Unfortunately, using both via iPhone app and the website, I am blocked by errors.


I tried signing out and back in, a new payment type (credit card), and clearing the cart with support and restarting. Still getting the same error.


As you can see in the above screenshot, when I visit the 'checkout' button is grayed out and the banner says 'Please resume your order on Visible's app or contact Care for help' but the app is broken. How can I sign up for Visible? Frustrated.

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Try clearing the cart again, then going into browsing history and clear cache and maybe clear history also and then try again. Not sure what else to try.



I just tried Firefox in hopes of getting to the no cache/history "clean slate."
Unfortunately when I visit  and enter the same user/pass, the page just hangs now. Happens on both Firefox and Chrome. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

I noticed what seem like potentially serious errors in the JS console:

Lots of problems with the website & app. I do hope their developers can improve the story here.


I've opened a case with support and I hope they will reply to me before the 15OFF promo expires, which was part of my reason for trying Visible in the first place.

Novice II

Two days later, still can't sign up.

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If I'm doing something wrong, at least have the app/site tell me what it is. 
This is the worst new customer onboarding experience I've had in years, possibly ever.

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Update: Four days later, today is Nov 28 and I tried again, using the Visible app.

Good news: the "Payment failed" error no longer appears and the app finally advanced to the next screen. I can see the transaction on which, congrats to Visible on putting on your business pants again. Taking customer's money, you finally actually managed.

Bad news: After the app sat there for 5+ minutes trying to activate, another error screen.
This forces me into another lengthy wait for the awkward chat-only support. I really hope this plan is worth it b/c the time cost is starting to add up.

All this waste and new customer frustration seems completely avoidable if the Visible engineers could get their act together. Sad

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Even though the customer service is nonexistent the plan here for me are worth it. I remember having a order problem when I signed up last year but was able to clear it and thought I had just cleared the cart and browser history, closed the window and started over. Only issues I had after I got on the plan was my caller ID showed something like wireless caller and last year at least chat wait times were less than 20 minutes and I got that issue fixed. The problem I have this year is that my phone I bought here last year was blacklisted so the IMEI number shows not compatible with the new plans and I couldn't order a new phone because it said I had one on order already. Trying to get answers a couple months ago I tried Twitter and Facebook but no one responded and then onto chat and of course 45 minutes to get in touch and another 30 minutes of chat and got that issue fixed but no real answers as to why my year old phone wasn't compatible. I had a couple more questions as I am not ready to switch to a new plan in order to save $5 a month until they make us switch I wasn't going to waste time on chat and sent a DM on Twitter, this was a month ago and after 10 days no one responded and I then tried Facebook and had a response in 45 minutes with subsequent responses within minutes of each other. If you don't like chat try FB.

Thanks. I realize we get what you pay for here.

Still, given Visible is a business, and as a business it depends on customers, I find it surprising that the new customer experience is so abjectly painful.

Well-built apps/websites offer a high degree of customer self-service, and cost savings.

Unfortunately, the apps/website and backend are the worst I've seen in years. It really does the brand a disservice. Really could be great, but I can't recommend it in its current form.

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It is funny how Verizon owns and operates Visible and how bad the customer service is. I have come to live with it as if it wasn't for Visible I would not have a cell phone. Verizon is the main carrier in my area and a plan for one line for me that isn't even close to unlimited like this it is about $100 a month. For this I am willing to put up with poor customer service.


If you value customer service and like the idea you can actually get a hold of someone in person by phone than this really isn't the plan for you. I do wish the customer experience was better here but like you said you get what you pay for. A better customer service would mean higher plan costs.


I do hope hope you get your issues fixed. Good luck!

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Update, day 6:

After a lengthy ~45 minute wait for's support chat, I managed to reach Catalin yesterday afternoon. He/she looked at my account, passed my case along to the next tier, and expressed confidence that the activation should work later in the day. Well, at some point in the evening my iPhone lock screen displayed a push notification from the Visible app, which led me to the usual eSIM activation flow. After some more minutes the phone was finally on Visible's network. Hooray!


Based on my experience, significant patience/a willingness to wait multiple days for simple things is necessary to be a Visible member. If a 6 day new customer sign up is a deal breaker to you, look elsewhere. That's why despite the great price I can't in good conscience recommend Visible to friends/family.


6 days, 10+ support chats across, Twitter and Facebook, support agents full of platitudes ('i completely understand') but no solutions. Until Catalin, who was finally helpful.

Feedback to Andrew Borovsky, John Devanney, and Michael Shin: please, please fix this. As a new customer there was a multitude of major red flags & blockers that would dissuade most people I know, and frankly it seems like the investment in backend, systems, and change management is ineffective.
Other companies manage to handle Black Friday traffic. Please, please consider prioritizing solving these problems at Visible. Consider having your devs add test coverage, invest in engineering more effectively, especially how to build scalable code + systems.

The app and website are the most powerful tool to lower costs and empower customers, but both let me down in several critical ways, and I nearly gave up.


Anyway, I'm glad to finally be a member and will give Visible a real try now.


Best of luck to us all!


I have the exact same problem here. iPhone 14 with ios 16.2


I have been trying to activate the visible eSIM for sometime and been having trouble. It goes to the Billing address screen and it gives an error.


Oops error
An error occurred. Please try again later...


I have tried to talk to 3 customer support and still am struck in the same spot. 

The recommendation I keep getting from the support is 

1. Clear the cart

2. Reset network settings in the phone

3. Uninstall the app

4. Restart the device

5. Reinstall the app

6. Try to activate it again


I have tried that multiple times and nothing worked.


I am very surprised that the new user onboarding is so bad.


Their support folks are nice but noone is really able to help. They seem to repeat the same thing.


If others have any thoughts to try appreciate your help.


If I find a solution I will post it here as an update. 


Best Regards



How did you find a number for customer support? I find nothing but digital chat. I have the identical issue to the original poster, pspins. Identical. Pspins' started this thread over a year ago! Verizon still has not provided a fix, nor even a reply on this thread.