Ordering issues


@ I’m  a current Visible customer.  However, I’ve been trying to place a order for a new iPhone 11  for my son for Christmas and put him with visible too. 
every time I place an order it gets canceled out on Visible’s end.  I’m paying with affirm financing…
Chat agents are helpful, but not knowing what’s going on:  some chat agents tell me too:  create a whole new email account with my son's name and use my affirm account to pay…, "nope," order don’t fully go through. A few hours to a day it disappear & when I talk to chat they say Visible canceled the order!!! "why".   …
some say I can order under my active visible account, and after I get the new phone to then set up a separate BYOP account for my son to add that phone too that new plan!   "Nope", still don’t work. Won’t let me place a phone order under my active visible account either. Also gets canceled by visible a few hours to a day or two after I place the order…
So, I’m out of ideas on how I can get him a phone with visible and paying with "My" affirm credit account while  Visible is constantly canceling out the phone orders out. 
Can somebody please help or let me know why I can’t place a order at all by my visible account email or my sons.