Outage Update March 1, 2023

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Community Manager

We’re aware of an outage impacting voice calls, text messages and data. We are working to resolve it immediately. If you are experiencing issues with service please power cycle your phone, as this resolves most issues.

update from Visible March 2, 2023


Hi there. Our service has been restored. If you’re still experiencing any issues, please try power cycling your device. Still not working? Reach out to us via chat at http://visible.com.



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I tried to do that but no success

Been out for hours. Impacting my work two-step sign in. 

How do I leave a comment?

i can’t receive any text messages from androids 

Same here. Can't receive texts from android phones since last night. Customer support didn't help and dropped the chat after waiting in que for almost 2 hours! It's impacting my job and this is unacceptable! been with Visible for 1 month and I will be switching carriers asap.

Exact same issue with mine and friends phones, cant not receive texts from android. Started on Monday.  This is not an issue with your phone, There is something going on with their backend network.  Have noticed that it is not impacting phones that are on the standard plan, the $35 “Premium Network Experience” phones are working.  Guess premium means your phone will actually work.

Can't even upgrade because you need to authenticate via text to log into your account and I'm not receiving texts 😞

I switched to the premium and I’m down as well. 

i have the premium plan and i still cannot receive texts from android users

I cannot receive texts from anyone but especially IPhone users. I've a Google Pixel 7. 

Same here.


I don't know that that's the solution as my girlfriend and I are both grandfathered into the party pay plan and we pay $25 a month each I'm receiving texts just fine but she's not, we both have Android phones it makes no sense we're in the same area and everything

Trust me, the support doesn't get any better 😞

Hello, I was having the same issues. After 2 hours of waiting it was as simple as them resetting my esim and power cycling my phone 

How do you get on support without using text to login?


Just click on the chat window ask for live agent.  Wait ..... and when they come online give them the phone number etc.

How did you get onto support without text authentication to log in??

You do not need to be logged in to initiate a chat. 

yeah....I got through to chat and let them reset my esim and did a power cycle and still not working.

I tried that several times and did not work here Salt Lake City

After 2 hours of waiting a simple reset of esim on their end and power cycling my phone it fixed it 

Mine is a real SIM card and they were still able to push the upgrade through.  Painful I hope whoever screwed up learned from this and it won't happen again.


Same here, need this fixed ASAP! Cannot receive android or verification texts, even from Visible. This is not good.

Same here iMessage is working fine but cannot receive any texts from android. 

I can't receive texts from android users nor do I get the 2 fa codes.  Also international calls aren't working even though I'm on the plus plan.


Same here. I have no other choice but to change providers this morning. I’ll be going back to Xfinity mobile. I need  network reliability. This is unacceptable. 

I think this outage is not just with Visible, and I believe it is largely due to the increasing effects of solar storms with a weakening magnetic shield around our planet (and other solar system planets). There have been 3x the amount of normal electrical fires, power outages, and telecom glitches across work and personal avenues over the past week. Check yootube for solar flare / CME / telecom & grid impact to understand. These things have already knocked out satellites and space missions in the past several years and this issue is ongoing / worsening every year. (Due to the weakening magnetic shield which lets in more solar radiation energy every year.) When media discusses "EMP" or "hackers" or "aliens" this is partly why.

My wife is on Tracfone. $100 per year. It sends and receives messages.  What up???!!!!

Let us say your statement is true, Visible can share that without hesitation.  The I personally would not be crazy like I am now.  

Oh please.

Me too...still an issue 

me, too


I received my new sim card for your upgraded network and have not had service since this week, not sure what is going on but I have power cycled multiple times and nothing changes no service

Same here, wish I didn't pay for the next month or else I'd be switching. Hopefully visible can restore my faith in then.

I dont' even care about the money at this point. I am just now afraid that I will lose my number in the port process as I am seeing issues with failed ports too. I want to remind everyone that verizon just bought visible and they are ultimately to blame. I will not be switching to verizon when I leave.


Verizon has always owned Visible.  They created Visible. 

Verizon didn't buy Visible, lol, they created Visible as a low cost no frills service.

Not me....im switching to another carrier

I don't understand why they would make us pay the bill knowing their service doesn't work.