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I'm currently paying $25/month for Visible because my Party Pay from August is still active. I saw in the app that if I switch to Visible+ ($45/month) then I can get $5 off. Including my Party Pay discount taking of $15/month which is active right now, does that mean I would be able to upgrade to Visible+ while continuing to pay only $25/month?


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Wrong, it is for Visible ($30/month) Plan. Not for Visible+ ($45/month).

Either way, party pay discount is applicable only when you are in grandfathered Visible Unlimited plan. Otherwise no party pay discount on the new plans.

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How do I know if I have the grandfathered Visible Unlimited plan?  I've been on the Visible $25 plan through party pay for a couple years now.

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One other thing to note besides it being for the basic $30 plan only is that if you decide move to the new basic plan you have to stick to it. If you switch to the plus plan, or leave Visible, and switch back you will lose the discount. The discount is for $5 only and once you switch part pay on your account page will disappear.

That's very good to know!  I thought maybe I could switch to the plus plan when going on vacations and switch back afterward, but looks like we would lose the discount when doing that...


i switched but monthly bill says $30 not $25. When start chat stuck with Connai cannot get to get help from anyone else on chat.


This is my problem too.  Need help please.