Visible made my service go from bad to worse

Novice II

A few weeks ago, at home (Los Angeles), in my neighborhood, and the surrounding neighborhood, I had phone service but NO (or super slow) LTE internet. This has been for about 2 weeks now. I had my home WIFI and service was fine everywhere else. So it was bearable. No big deal to wait for a fix. I have been with Visible for about 3 years and LOVE them and the service. But the latest fiasco has me hot. They had tried to fix it repeatedly. My roommate and my friend who stopped by, both with Visible service, are experiencing the same problem.

Then Sunday night/Monday morning, they attempted to fix me by doing what they call a reprovision on my SIM card, but the submission got stuck and would not go through.

On Tuesday afternoon, I chatted with a rep and they ordered me a new SIM and I asked them to undo the reprovision also. I got the SIM today, but it didn't work. Today’s chat at 3pm PST said this;

"Scott, I see that on January 24, an agent did a reprovision on your SIM card, that seems to be stuck, I will have to send a request to our network experts so they can fix the issue with it."

Every time I chat with them, they say you will get an email in 4 hours. But nothing is getting resolved. They allegedly  moved me to "CRITICAL' status, but it doesn't feel like it. I even got a call from a 'Supervisor', Brandon who was hard to understand and contradicted himself about when it would be fixed. The 4 hours has come ands gone since I spoke to him.

They now need to restore my phone service and then work on my LTE issue, which obviously must be a neighborhood hardware issue or something since we know my roommate & friend's phones do the same thing.

Is anybody having a or had a similar issue? How did you resolve it?




Same here. I've had it for almost a month and it is the worst. Calls don't get through to me and no one gets my calls. This is north of SF. Just garbage.