please help me switch my existing service to my new phone

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I have an iphone 11 that is broke and now has a mind of its own. I have existing service via esim, i got another iphone 11 how to i transfer the service to my new phone? I've been trying to chat with Care but dont have hours to spend staring at my phone waiting for someone to respond can anybody help????



Install the Visible app on the new phone and login. You may get the option to download activate the eSIM on the new phone.

If you don’t get that option, you will have to do a chat session with support. They will want the IMEI number from the new phone.

I had to go the support route when moving from an iPhone 11 to iPhone SE 2022 a few months ago.


Try contacting customer service via Twitter DM. It has never taken hours. Or try contacting chat at a different time. Some times the waits are shorter at different times of the day

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This may have changed and I'm about to find iPhone 15 Pro arriving today. I contacted Visible ahead of time and actually chatted with a human. Here are the steps I was given:

1) Install the Visible app on the new phone.
2) Log in with your current credentials.
3) Navigate to "Your Device" and scroll down to "Switching Phones is Simple". Click on "Switch Now".

4) Follow the on-screen instructions to transfer your SIM.


We'll see if this works but this is precisely what Visible told me.

The method described above DID work for me. My old iPhone was using an eSim for my Visible account and once I logged into the Visible app on my new phone, I was prompted to port my existing service over to the new phone, also using an eSIM.


Honestly, I didn't expect this to work quite some seamlessly but I was up and running in five minutes.