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Just wondering how to get your name to show up on caller ID for people that you're calling.   When I call my family and friends' home phones my call shows up as "WIRELESS CALLER".  


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It looks like you have enabled Hide my caller ID. To disable this, go to call setting and enable show my caller ID.

When I click on "Show my Caller ID", nothing happens, there is just a spinning wheel? 

Where? settings where? Visible account settings? profile?


I think they meant in your phone settings to enable your caller ID

Sorry, I never figured out the solution and my name is still showing up as "Wireless Caller".  

I have the problem even when I was with xfinity mobile it show incoming calls with there name but visible it only shows the number not the full caller Id 

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where in settings? visible account? or my device call settings?

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UPDATE:  Despite having put in a ticket with Visible support, I'm still showing up as "WIRELESS CALLER" on caller ID.  But here is the strange thing, I popped in a physical Red Pocket sim, and the option to show caller ID worked on my iPhone.  Now I'm wondering if it's an esim issue.  




I'm having the same issue with the esim on my iPhone. When I go into settings and Caller ID, nothing comes up, no option to turn it on or off, just a searching icon. Any advice on how to fix this?


For me, the name of the party who previously owned the number was showing up. 


I submitted a ticket to Visible asking for it to be changed to my name and about 12 hours later received an email from Visible indicating the change had been successfully completed.  However, they changed it to "Wireless Caller," not my name as the initial chat agent had said he'd submit. 


I just contacted chat again and was told that Visible doesn't offer "premium Caller ID services."  The only options are either "Wireless Caller" or your 10-digit phone number. 




Visible assigned my number.  Seems they should be able to label the Caller ID, too.  If I'm not in someone's contacts so my name pops up, they don't take my calls!

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I'm showing up as my legal name from many years ago and when I go to settings under Call, it just gives me a an error, "Call settings error. Unexpected response from network." Click ok and then the error, "Call settings error. Network or SIM card error." Click ok and then just sits on "Loading settings" under the Caller ID field. 
This is so annoying especially because I don't want anyone knowing my full legal name. 


I'm having similar issues. I want my name on the caller id, but all that shows is my city and number. Have we found a solution to this yet?


Having the same issue. The old owner shows up on my caller ID. I've tried to chat with visible seven times and no luck. Customer service is lacking to be sure. Apparently there are three options. Wireless caller. Your phone number. And if you find somebody that can help you that knows how to do it your name. So far I haven't had any luck


My phone shows the old account numbers caller ID name. I tried seven times through chat to get it changed with no luck. Customer service is lacking for sure. From what I understand there are three options, 1. Your phone number

2. Wireless caller

3. Your name.

Getting that done is a whole different story you have to find somebody that knows how to do it. So far for me no luck. ☹️

Ask for a second tier agent or go higher up. It can be changed but Visible needs to put in a ticket to have it done. I had mine changed when I first started here over 2 years ago. Mine said cellular caller or maybe it was wireless caller. The caller ID is handled by a third party database that all landlines and cellular numbers go through when you make a call and it tags your number. Visible needs to put in a fix ticket to do this. Unfortunately Visible only had a few competent agents that can probably handle this request, you just need to keep pestering them to find the right one. If you reach one that says that it can't be done, tell then you know it can be others have had it done, and tell them you want to speak to a different agent or a tier 2 agent. Have it escalated.