Chat Wait Times Are Ridiculous

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I can understand that chat support being an acceptable communication method, but the wait times need to be at most 20 minutes. It's often so long that they don't even give you a queue count number. I believe that means well over an hour! With the price increases, I hope that you're able to hire more service representatives. Plus, even when you get someone, the individuals have to many simultaneous chats going. It takes minutes between replies. It's agonizing.


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Getting kicked off twice after waiting over an hour each time doesn't help either. This is so bad. 

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This puts me on the fence about switching. Currently trialing 


Their higher level tiers are so backlogged that if the 1st tier can't resolve the problem expect 8 to 24 hour response time. You may want to look elsewhere for service. At some point, you will have an issue. May not be for a year or two down the road, but you will have one.

In addition, even if you wait and finally get a rep, I’ve yet to find one who has actually been able to really help.  I’m now in week 2 of trying to switch plans.  I’ve chatted, sent screen shots (at their request) and they’re “aware of the problem and are working on a fix.”


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Agreed! Awful customer service. 

They are so bad that the chat program can't find an agent to even put you into a queue for. It just says connecting and eventually gives up. It's been hours.


I got down to 9 on the “Q” and then was froze, when I wanted to log back in I exceeded the password limit. All I want is a return label to send back my phone I bought, but I am sure now I will get the label past the 14 days…..


I'm having voicemail issues since switching over. I have been going on 2 days and NO HELP yet UGH! They should really invest and hire more reps!

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It's amazing you ever manage to get someone. I can't ever get a rep on chat, and have no clue how to get help to merely change the address on my account (website is busted/garbage)

I believe that It's under account profile.

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Yeah, I’ve been timed out while I’m watching the little dots flying around.  Right now, I’m next…..have been in that position about 30 minutes now.


Yeah you gotta use a computer and use 2 tabs. One tab to keep clicking on links every 5 minutes or the website will log you out. Good luck.

That actually worked. A rep finally connect an hour later, and the site glitched the entire time every 10". They tried to get me to troubleshoot but begged them to just submit a ticket for me. 

I’ve done that already.  I’ve tried getting chat to go through on my phone, iPad with 2 separate browsers, and my laptop. Closest I got today was when it went from the floaty dots to a box telling me that my chat session had ended. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Oh I got that too. I had to wait 3 hours to get into a queue. It seems like they have less people working off hours.

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It's been days for me. I've tried FB Messenger option. Even commented under their CEO's most recent LinkedIn post. Found an email on Reddit I just tried (community site apparently won't let me chat said email,  here, instead calling it a "bad word" ) - hope you have some luck 


I've literally been waiting since 7:50 am EST and it's not 10:33 am....!!! This is insane!


I've been waiting for over an hour and now I seem to be stuck at place 15 in line.