Feedback From Current Users Appreciated!


Pleasure to meet you all! My wife and I have been looking for an alternative phone plan since, while ours is good, it's not unlimited data and I've been looking for a good unlimited data plan for those on lower income brackets.


If we made a move to Visible, we'd be paying double what we pay with our current service due to the change to unlimited data and the lack of a multi-line option. Another plan our service has matches the pricing here for the same services, but they clearly mention when the Throttle kicks in.


After going through the terms, policies (Yeah, yeah, I know. I do read those.) and plan details, I'm not finding out any details regarding when Visible throttles the data speeds. They claim they don't.


While there's no mention of it, there is mention of how service speeds can change due to a variety of location/service factors, this is something I don't think anyone can ever avoid--- but has anyone who's used Visible for a while been able to verify this and see a clear difference between the two? Have you only experienced speed changes when changing location or after a certain time that is equally covered at your home, or have you experienced speed changes more consistently after reaching a certain GB?


Am I not looking in the right location for this info, and if so, why isn't it more... well, visible?



My wife and I have used Visible for about 1.5 years. Visible does not throttle due to your usage but it is subject to de-priorization when the towers are congested. I live in coastal SC not near any of the big cities and rarely get slowed due to congestion. We have traveled often to Florida, Connecticut, Maine, Tennessee and North Carolina and slow speeds have not been an issue.

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My experience has been that Visible only throttles detected video streaming and mobile hotspot data usage. Other mobile data is not throttled but rather de-prioritized based on current network conditions, number of users, etc.

The other information you're looking for is typically covered under legal disclosures required by the FCC and this is typical for all carriers.

More specific detail scan be found at under Important Information about Visible’s Plans and Broadband Internet Access Services. What speeds can be expected are detailed in that section; these legal disclosure are those required by the FCC's open internet order and I've found them to be consistent with my experience on the basic Visible plan. I can't vouch for the Visible+ plan at this time.

Of course your mileage may vary and is mostly impacted by congestion during peak hours relative to prioritized users during peak hours. I'm on a less-utilized cell tower. During weekend hours I find slow-downs are common as that tower is on a popular summer travel route where apparently alot of T-Mobile users are stuck in traffic. I've never experienced de-prioritization due to accumulated data usage; but that occurring during peak usage periods due to congestion has been fairly predictable.