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I performed the visible network update this a.m. My Visible iPhone Uses an eSIM on the secondary line, and no physical Sim in the device.  After completing the update, there was no option for Wi-Fi calling under settings cellular. After chatting with Visible, I was told to restore my phone however, the Wi-Fi calling option still is not available.
I am in an area with very poor Verizon cell service and do require Wi-Fi calling often. Has anyone else had issues with this update or the ability to use Wi-Fi calling?


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Apparently, Apple no longer shows Wi-Fi calling under cellular. It is now moved to settings, Phone, and then Wi-Fi calling ….to turn off or turn on.

wi-Fi calling is quite helpful when you have a weak cellular signal but a good Wi-Fi connection.

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They worked fine before the upgrade. Interesting how mine immediately works just fine as soon as I switched to straightalk. Also my wife's TCL shows the option to enable WIFI calling, but won't activate it, saying it can't be done at this time, try later.

What's happening with your wife's TCL is exactly what mine is doing, and I think I might know why. Back in 2022, I had AT&T Prepaid, and had zero issues with it up until they decided to sunset their 3G networks. Suddenly, my phone that I had brought to the contract no longer functioned and I had to buy this phone. I ended up switching anyways, because wi fi calling was only for post-paid plans. Do you have Visible or Visible+?

She has plain Visible, not plus.

Android 12 does not solve THEIR problem.

Update: After applying a little pressure to Visible, my Motorola is now working well, so I switched back, as their cell coverage is great here. They said they contacted Motorola and Motorola pushed out an update to Android 11 which got it working, followed by an upgrade to Android 12, which also seems to be working. Hopefully there won't be any more updates that break things.


Thanks I am trying now with them they are not too bright 

How did this info get to you

I was hoping they would roll this out to all of us suffering from this problem, but apparently not. I filed a complaint with the BBB and  

Roshanda *****

Executive Relations Team responded via email, and after several message exchanges, the updates were pushed to my phone. She stayed on the problem till it was solved, so kudos to her.

I'm having the same problem. Sorry, can you clarify, please? When you say "they" pushed an update to your phone, do you you mean Visible or Motorola? Thanks.

I'm having the same problem. Sorry, can you clarify, please? When you say "they" pushed out a new update to your phone, do you mean Visible or Motorola? Thanks.

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Add me to the "No Wi-Fi Calling" list.  New phone (moto g 5G) but Verizon's tower is weak and a bit distant.  So, Wi-Fi calling is a must.  Old phone was not a problem.  

Phone has Wi-Fi Calling under settings (Calls & SMS / Wi-Fi calling; "Use Wi-Fi when the mobile network is not available").  When trying to switch ON it says:

"Unable to activate Wi-Fi calling at this time. Please try again later."
Of course never is their later.  After resetting all network connections, still no luck.

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I ended up switching to Hello Mobile. Runs off of T-Mobile's towers, but inexpensive and gives me wi-fi calling. Mint Mobile is a good option if you can pay upfront. So switching fixed my issue, mostly.