Sim Card troubles

Novice II

I switched to Visible from Verizon in October and have had constant problems. Bought my Samsung Galaxy S8+ when I had US Cellular, no problems, switched to Verizon, no problems, switched to Visible, countless problems that have not been able to be solved. These problems started as soon as I set up my sim card and activated service. Data (LTE) has had no issues (when I have service, which resetting the phone or removing/reinserting the sim card usually fixes), but calling and texting are intermittent. Most days I am able to send/receive texts and make calls, but unable to receive calls. Somedays (like today while writing this) I cannot send/receive texts or calls. The occasional good day happens when I can send/receive texts and calls. I have had visible for 3 weeks now and these different situations change for different reasons. Sometimes the issue can be solved by resetting my phone, or removing and reinserting the sim card, other days the symptoms just randomly change and correct on their own (not while traveling, but staying in the same area), other times nothing fixes these issues (like today) and I just have to hope it will randomly start working again.


I have gone through the whole process with Visible Support many times on resetting every setting on my phone to be what they want, we have even tried a new sim card, nothing has fixed the issue.


At this point I'm considering going back to Verizon who I never had sim card issues with, and even if I did, they had a physical store I could bring my phone to and have them troubleshoot instead of me wasting hours of my day trying to figure out why their equipment won't work with my phone which they say it works with. Guess this is what I get for going cheap.


Novice II

Agreed!  Same issue here!!  Inferior company, will need to switch as well