Visible text messaging is down!

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I know 3 people on Visible, and none of them can receive text messages.  Everyone can send text messages. Visible technical support has not been helpful. Let me know if you have the same experience.

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I use a Google Voice account to test text messaging to my iPhone on Visible. These texts go over the cellular network.

Just did a test going in both directions and all worked fine

02/28/2023.    7:16 PM EST



thank you for the reply. I have an iphone that can't receive and I have 2 friends with samsung that cant receive. Sending works. Maybe it is a regional problem. we are located in northeastern oh

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Southern Indiana still unable to receive texts

Maryland my wife and i texts dont work google pixel and iPhone 

Working after:

turn off data roaming off

text TRANSACT to 67777 to resubscribe to texting

restart phone

It is outrageous that Visible would break everyone's service, provide no communication when they have our email addresses, and leave users to spend hours on chat

Is anything supposed to happen after texting TRANSACT to 67777 ?  Have not restarted my phone yet…

It didn't seem to help on anything I tried.

not help. I am in southern California.

as of this morning I am now unable to send out text messages. I tried texting TRANSACT to 67777 and it failed. I’ve been trying everything that has been advised and nothing is working. I can’t even get a respond through Facebook messenger from them 

I tried this and nothing happened..... I didn't get the reply. Turn off data roaming and restart the phone. Have done it 3 times and nothing has changed.


I tried the above fix and no receipt of texts.

I live in NJ outside of Philly and no texts rec'd for over 28 hours now.

No reply from Visible on either Twitter account either.

Any other tips?



Turning off/on data worked for my wife's phone. I also tried turning on/off airplane mode.


I'm not sure what TRANSACT means but try sending yourself text messages from your email client




as of 3/2/23 at 3:48pm eastern time, I just started receiving limited text from a group text.  I don't know if this means Visible texting is slowing come back online, The people in this group use Verizon, Straighttalk, ATT with iPhones, Google and Samsung phones.  I'm praying for the best for Visible!

Please clarify your post- turn off data roaming off?  Makes no sense.


Worked for me without a reboot.

I got reply:

You’re in! Msg&data rates may apply.

Worked for me. No reboot needed. Turned data roaming back on after texts worked again

When I sent TRANSACT

Got reply:

You’re in! Msg&data rates may apply.

My data roaming setting has always been on, so that didn't matter. Regardless, I just had my text app return to normal functioning. Visible evidently fixed the problem. Woo-hoo!

Good news! I think I'm back too texting/receiving though I can't get my number verified for chat features.  This is definitely a work in progress... 

Did this and restarted phone. Have not been able to receive SMS message for abt 5 days. I have iPhone SE 2nd gen; so far so good. Able to receive SMS messages but don’t think I’ll be able to get any messages that were sent to me the last several days 

Bismarck, North Dakota here and haven’t been able to receive texts since before 5 AM this morning

Im in Michigan and have the same problem

Im in Michigan and have the same problem.

happening in AZ also

I had the same problem yesterday, talked to a person in the chat and did something on their end. I too am in NE Ohio.

Having problems receiving texts from Android phones since yesterday - in NW Ohio.

Exact same issue--only SMS message I cannot receive. Wichita, KS

Were they able to fix it for you?  Spent 4 hours in chat yesterday & only ended up worse off than when I started.  Miraculously better this a.m. but as of noon today, can’t receive SMS again.

This is an issue in Florida today as well. Very frustrating.


Realized late yesterday, wasn’t receiving SMS (android) messages on my iPhone.  I could send but not receive and only SMS was affected.  Spent 4 hours chatting/troubleshooting with customer service that I will never get back.  It was a nightmare. Was told it is a known problem but, “lets do some troubleshooting.”  Didn’t make sense to me, but went ahead anyhow.  Had multiple additional problems along the way.  Ended the evening with no service whatsoever and “We will have to wait until tomorrow (today) to see if it is better in the morning”.   No idea what happened overnight, but this a.m., I had voice calls again and texting.  Up until noon today, I had full capability over wi-fi.  Unfortunately, since noon I have not been able to receive SMS….so right back where I started.  Soooooo hesitant to contact CS since they seemed to make the issue worse, even if temporary?????

I had to go into my message settings and click on the “addresses” allowed to send and receive messages then click on my phone number.  Somehow it got removed as an active option when porting my phone number over. That fixed it for me. 

I'm having the same problem and am in Florida.  It's been 24 hours. Can send, but not receive.

No incoming texts since 3 pm yesterday South Carolina,  tried every suggestion 

The texting TRANSACT did not work for me last night but it seemed to work tonight, getting texts again so you may want to try that again. 

I'm getting dinner texts but not from my contacts with Verizon.  Also, I can not set up RCS "chat" services.  My configuration is stuck on "trying to verify number" I'll keep waiting believing Visible has got this

Typo:  some texts 

Located in Kansas and can't receive regular SMS texts. I can receive iMessages but that's it. Frustrating. 

Hello, I was having the same issues. After waiting 2 hours I told tech support you need to reset my esim. He did that and cycled my phone and it worked. I hope that helps! You just need to be firm and tell them to do it

Stopped receiving text messages last night 2/27. Technical support still has no answer to my ticket (I think my ticket might of even been canceled). iPhone user in the Chicago area. Everything else works fine. 

Same. Same. Same.