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Will Android users ever get an answer on when we can use our watches? Some people don't like apple devices and not fair to us Android people that visible seems to favor Apple over us. Think they been supporting apple watches for 1 year or more now.... ALLOW ANDROID WATCHES.


I also hate apple I used both for a long time apple is nothing better then Samsung, Samsung has much more features very  Customizable there is nothing what iPhone could do and samsung can not but there is a lot what samsung cuold do and iPhone can't, even downloads take faster on samsung, apple has nothing only brand and I don't care I need what's really better, google is much more sophisticated than apple, much better auto fill feature which doesn't really work on iOS in apps much better in recognizing passwords and save them in app, and much much more I tried both and I didn't think about brand I was looking what really makes my life easier also apple's clipboard is a disaster I use it the whole day I need it for work with apple it's so hard you have to keep copying and you don't know what's in the clipboard, again apple is only brand, nothing more than that someone should tell me what's better l, don't answer me the look is better the brand is better.... Like all garbage everyone answers me, no one could tell me a real reason why it's better 

Interesting thought, I have used Android and Apple devices. Comparing them both would be comparing Apples to Oranges (pun intended). It all comes down to user preference.


I think you may concur with this point. Android is open source. Apple is closed source.

In Android you can download third party apps and install them without being on play store.

Meaning exploiting vulnerability is made easy compared to closed source Apple software. I didn't mean impossible but rather difficult.


Also Apple makes both hardware and software. So tight optimization is possible. While Android is generic and has to support wide varieties of hardware (different tiers low budget smartphones, medium budget smartphones and high end smartphones)


I read from varied sources that Android runs on Java. So apps for Android are not natively converted to byte code but run on Java virtual Machine.

Apple on contrast runs on byte code on compilation. Thats why Apple devices dont have much RAM while Android phones have a lot of RAM.



I am interested to know your thoughts @TheCellTower 

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This exactly is one of the reasons I don't like apple, your so locked to them I couldn't do anything, I love all the features on my Samsung what apple DOESN'T have, I also love the idea of downloading third party apps if course you have to make sure it's safe, I had friends that build apps or they made a book into a app and I was able to install it but all iOS users couldn't use it,  now again I'm looking for someone that could explain me why it's better and don't accept all garbage answers, if you tell me Siri, I wanna tell you a secret ok Google works better.


Is there any talk at all about adding wear OS to visible? I've not seen that it is even coming soon. I just picked up the pixel watch LTE and I'm excited to get it on a network. I would prefer to stay with visible but I've had Google Fi before and while it's more at least they will support the pixel watch. 

Novice II

I have my entire fam on visible.  You would think that since visible is by Verizon they would bring the android package to Visible.  However you can get it with Verizon.  

Now that the new year is here.  Have not heard a thing about it.  I will leave Visible and my fam.  

I have been telling my friends to not join Visible as of now all of them went to T-Mobile or ATT.   Sorry Visible.