Documentation on Upgrade Service- NONE


I am extremely disappointed in Visible. 

I have been with them for years. Purchased a Google Pixel 6 through their store and Affirm. A couple months ago, my phone got yet and I had it replaced with Assurant. They provided me a Google Pixel 6 Pro as a replacement since they did not have any other device.


I hit 50% of my Affirm loan, expecting I could upgrade my device. i am now being told that replacing my device with Assurant, disqualifies me from upgrade. 


Because of this, I am disappointed and wanting to LEAVE Visible with my device I am paying off. NOPE! Assurant only send CARRIER LOCKED phones and does not unlock these phones. 


SO, now I am STUCK with this phone and STUCK with Visible. So not worth it. DO NOT EXPECT AN UPGRADE IF YOU USE INSURANCE. The amount of money and time I have wasted sucks. 


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It being carrier locked to Visible it will need to be in service on the account it was sold to or replaced under for 60 days. Once it has been in service for 60 days it should be unlocked. If it isn't contact customer support and get it unlocked. Visible can't lock it permanently.