Not able to call, text and use data after successfully activating new iPhone 14 Pro with eSIM.


I first switched to visible around last May from Verizon with an iPhone XS Max, had no difficulties with transferring and activation with eSIM. This past week I decided to upgrade to the iPhone 14 Pro (which I purchased directly from Apple). I contacted visible to transfer from my iPhone XS Max to the new iPhone 14 Pro and I was able to transfer my number over to the new phone and successfully activate the eSIM with the IMEI number, however, I was not able to call, text or use data even though the new phone showed that it had cellular bars. I contacted visible again and they ran me through all different procedures to see if the cellular service would work by resetting the network setting, resetting the phone to factory setting, and reactivating the eSIM multiple times. No of which worked. The incident was then escalated to a "specialist" at a higher level and they have not been able to resolve the issue since. I then talked with Apple and they recommended that I come in to the store to have the new iPhone 14 Pro tested, the Apple technician tested the phone and said nothing was wrong with the phone on Apples end. Apple then recommended I trade in the new iPhone 14 Pro with a different brand new iPhone 14 Pro with a new IMEI number to absolutely confirm that the issue is through the cellular provider. So I exchanged the iPhone 14 Pro for a new one. I then once again contacted visible in regard to the new new iPhone 14 Pro and was able successfully activate the eSIM with the new IMEI number, however, I still have the issue of not being able to call, text or use data even though cellular bars are being shown on the new new phone. The incident with visible was then escalated to the "critical level" to be resolved and have yet to hear back from them. I remain without cellular use of call, text or data. A note to add, when I activated to first iPhone 14 pro in the cellular setting it showed eSIM active but did not show any other options other then to turn on/off, now with the new new iPhone the eSIMs show a "Primary" and "Secondary" with the same phone number. When the Secondary eSIM number is on and cellular data is on it shows cellular bars at the top of the phone but cannot call, text or use data. When I have the Primary eSIM number on and cellular data on it shows SOS at the top of the phone and cannot call, text or use data. I have tried every trick in the book with both Apple and Visible at the point and no clear solution for the issue is in sight. I need resolution of this issue immediately, I use my phone for work and have not had cellular data, call, and text since the start of the week. I really like visible's cellular coverage in my area but if this issue continues and is not resolved I may have to transfer carriers just to maintain my livelihood. Any advise and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 



Unfortunately I have no advice--just that I'm dealing with the same issue that is currently unresolved. You've gone to great lengths to see if this will work and it appears that Visible is not equipped with competent tech support to resolve the issue in a timely manner. Unfortunately we also cannot afford to go without service so we are likely about to switch to a new provider. This may be the only option at this point.

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Just wanted to express my condolences, and let you know that I am in the same exact boat. I have not had cell service through Visible since Friday, and actually just went with US mobile in my second Sim, and will probably switch over in the next few days. I've had at least 10 hours on hold and doing chat with Visible and have been more frustrated than ever. The only reason I would stay was the five dollar Apple Watch deal and, it's not worth it at this point. US mobile has a decent plan it seems and their CS has been light night snd day. 


In my case I've transfer to the eSim on an iPhone14Pro and get Voice and TExt but no data service. The phone will not connect to the internet. Will lokk into alternate service. My family has been happy on the party plan but this may  be the end for me