Visible Outage

Novice III

Visible runs on the Verizon Network.. Verizon has announced they are having Network / System problems nationwide. We as Visible customers are out of luck when it comes to customer support/ help. Visible customers get to sit and wait until Verizon figures out the Nationwide Issue.


I’m not sure I buy that answer. I have friends on Verizon, not visible, and they have no outage. 

I didn't say every Verizon customer had issues. I stated Visible runs on the Verizon Network & that Network is having issues, has for past 2-3 days. If Verizon has problems, it effects Visible customers. 

Novice III

Is Verizon problem have been fixed?


Visible keeps sending me threatening letters that I have to upgrade but I've been trying to upgrade for a week and neither the app nor the website work what the heck am I supposed to do??