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Visible Midnight Device Thread

New Device Alert!  Only available on Visible.com, the first fully Visible branded device! The Visible Midnight. Are you excited about the latest device from Visible? Drop a comment below.

Google Pixel 6 Thread

VisiSquad, Dropping some helpful info on the latest flagship device from Google Here is our Device Page and an article from our Newsroom with the promo it is coming out with. As well as a great YouTube video explaining everything more in detail. What...

Resolved! Visible for Tablets Suggestion

My mom is 92 years old and has a standalone iPad data plan through a major carrier. Because she is legally blind, Siri helps her do Skype and FaceTime chats with her children and grandchildren, The problem is that plan is quite expensive. I'd love to...

Unlocked S21 IMEI not compatible?

So I was testing out visible on an iPhone and decided I would keep the service on a new unlocked Galaxy S21 bought direct from Samsung. I typed in the IMEI and Visible’s checker is telling me the phone is not compatible. Which makes no sense. They se...

weezy by Novice
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GPS location

I should have just bought the SIMS card if I known Visible was going to install spyware or whatever I don't appreciate the "bizarre behavior" when location magically enables itself when I'm not around my phone or asleep or 1:00 in the morning late at...

Red by Novice
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Resolved! iPhone 12 max availability

Does anyone have any idea or speculation when Visible might offer the iPhone 12 max again? I’m super interested in it.

LMT by Novice III
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