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Why we should leave

I think Visible is a good deal. Better through the end of this month as new customer accounts are $5/mo cheaper for 24 months. I’m happy for others to get a deal and will share the promo news. Visible doesn’t owe me or anyone anything, but it irks me...

YHank by Novice II
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New phone promo code

Visible sent email saying I had to upgrade phone and would get $100 Amazon gift card after paying 3 months of phone bills. I was already on their plan but upgraded which I did not want to do. First code received did not work on Amazon. Second code re...

mel50 by Novice
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New Plan Being Pushed

So, Visible is pushing us all really hard to switch to their new Upgraded Network. So, I'm wondering if anyone knows exactly what is different about the new network? Is the frequency different, or channels, or I don't know. They're pushing really har...

Visible+ Promotion (4/18) for those who switched early

The recent promotions ($25/$35) to switch to the new network was only for existing customers who had not switched. That left a bad taste for many who bit the bullet.Today, I received an email from visible offering the upgrade to Visible+ for the same...

Resolved! $50 dollar gift card + anker earbuds

So back January when they had the promotions for those who wanted to buy a new phone. the galaxy A03 was supposed get a $50 gift card + anker ear buds after 3 service payments. Now they are telling me I was supposed to port-in a number from another c...

Loyalty Discount

Well, well. They’ve done it. They have finally respected us loyal legacy Party Pay customers. Check your account today 2/2/23. You’ll see that if you switch to the new $30 Visible plan from the $40/$25PP plan you’ll now get $5 off your monthly bill, ...

Changes coming to referral program

I got this in my email. Starting May 25th, we will be rolling out a new referral incentive - “Give $20 off, get $20 off”. Now both you and your friend will get $20 off a month of service when they use your Friend code to sign up for Visible.What does...