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Appreciation post: for Visible customer care

I realize that Visible wants customers to contact them in non-traditional ways, including Tweeting/DMing them. I want to say thank you to the hard working people that work in customer care. They genuinely try to help, they read the submitted question...

beav by Superuser
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Would love to see my Oneplus 8T getting 5G...

Hello all!Something very simple, oneplus 8t should most definitely get support for 5G. Is capable super fast and the newest oneplus model.I currently have a oneplus 8t with visible but it kind of bothers me that we are wasting the true potential of t...

Re: Are you using a VPN with your Visible service?

@beav @@ I use one.one.one.one ( in the app store. While isn't a true VPN, it does help a lot and depending on your goals it might be all you need. It provides safer browsing, gets around some of the video limits, and so on. I also us...

devin37354 by Intermediate III
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Visible ZTE Blade A3 Prime

Anyone using this particular phone care to share their experience with it on Visible? Things like: The avg. battery life, scrolling smoothness, signal strength, etc. I'm looking to get off of my BYOP old iPhone 6s as the battery on it is nearly dead....

smgrinus by Intermediate
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What are you using for speedtesting?

I have always just used the Fast app from Netflix, and consistently get 2 mbps. I reached out to customer care last week, and asked if this could be improved. After some work on their end, rebooting and removing the SIM, and measuring the speed using...

beav by Superuser
  • 5 replies
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