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customer support

I switched from Google Fi because this is the only service where I can handle phone calls from hiking trails around Redding, CA. But man, any issue with the service is pure punishment. Customer Support is absolute garbage. Over an hour wait time. The...

Dropping calls like crazy this morning

I've been a user of Visible for a year + and this morning I've had more dropped calls than my entire time here. Anyone else experiencing this? No pattern, just during the call, they disappear.

Chat Support Non-Existant --- Voicemail Issue

Hello,I'm having an issue with voicemail. I'm receiving the message of "Welcome to the message management system, please enter your password". I don't know what the password is as I'm a new customer. I've attempted to contact support chat for hours a...

Fredo by Novice II
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Chat not working?

I've been trying for about 36 hours to chat with Visible with zero luck. I've tried the website, the phone app and FB Messenger but nothing is working. What is going on?

Not be able to reset password

Did not receive email after enter email address through reset password link, plus has issue for the esim, the esim not be able to add it back after accidently removed it

ljmails by Novice
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Harding my number but not when I first start visible

I would like to try visible and have them assign me a phone number but then if I like it I would like to port my other phone number to visible but not when I first get the card. Can this be done. I will use the visible card in another phone and still...