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I tried setting up service two weeks ago with a Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G phone (same as my husbands phone). When I was going to set it up, Visible said my phone was compatible. I waited for a couple weeks after my husband got his plan set up to see if ...

My review

Been 3 days since porting number over to visible from t mobile and I couldn’t be happier, I have had no issues, I can receive and make calls, I can receive and send text with out any issues.The speeds are not what I had on t mobile but they are good ...

rbsoh by Novice III
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Resolved! Loving visible

I just ported mine and the wife’s numbers over Thursday, we activated though esim and the whole process took less then and hour and our number came over with in 10 minutes after completing everything, we did run into one issue and that was getting ou...

rbsoh by Novice III
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I think Verizon should shut down Visible!!!

Since Verizon owns Visible and the customer service is non existent why not just shut Visible down and transfer these plans over to Verizon! Why not offer these plans straight from Verizon? Does Verizon actually need a separate company to sell a chea...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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