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The Ultimate HOW MUCH I SAVED Thread 💪😎💰

Heyo!  As we all know, Visible is among - if not the MOST AFFORDABLE, QUALITY cellular option on the market. So, we're all DYING to know.... how much did YOU save by making the switch!?!? 樂 (In accordance with our standard Community Guidelines, make...

Improvement to service

I’m back with another 2-1/2 cents (now a nickel) worth of thoughts, this time regarding service in general. It’s been quite publicized that there are only 2 nodes for Visible customers at the moment, one in NJ and one in CO. And if for some reason yo...

Starfox by Novice III
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Improvement to sign-up process

There’s a thread on Reddit from a guy who had issues porting. While I disagree on how he presented it, he does have a point that the current process, quite frankly, sucks if something doesn’t work right. I can tell there’s at least 7 steps involved f...

Starfox by Novice III
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Resolved! Party Pay Members Names?

Just curious, we used to see party pay members names listed in our party, now it just says how many members. Is that the way its going to be or will the names come back?

Resolved! Can this be a app?

Hello! This community feature is great and all, but it's really slow to load on phones. (And it's hard to use IMO) My idea is to either add this into the existing Visible app, or add this into App Stores as separate apps.

Visible Oneplus 8 OS update?

Just curious if there's any new info on when the OxygenOS 11 update will be coming to the Visible Oneplus 8? I've heard "sometime this month" but it'd be nice to know a bit more. Still a bit obnoxious that the Oneplus 8 from visible is secretly a sub...