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Quick solutions to common wireless service problems

If you’re having any issues with calling, texting, or anything involved in using data, we’re going to provide you with some common network troubleshooting steps. So, if you’re having issues, try the steps below. If you’re still having issues after th...

Forum Overview

Are you having an issue related to your Visible wireless account? You can ask it here. Remember to mark a response as a solution when it solves your problem. You can also search for posts where other members have had their issues resolved and give a ...

Can’t join party Reddit_Upvote

When I go to join this group via I click the join button then it redirects me to the main party screen. if I go to the main party screen and select this group, I get an “internal server” error in app and a “something went ...

Prcheek by Novice
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Issues with Visible reconnecting service

One week ago, my daughter's service was disconnected because I failed to update her account with my new CC (my fault and I own). The phone was disconnected and we immediately updated the account with the new card and connected with the help desk. The...

jamesm by Novice
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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S21+5G

Does anyone know how to make an unlocked Verizon Samsung Galaxy S21+5G compatible, if possible? Although the model is listed on Visible's website as compatible, it says it isn't when running the EMEI.

"Which men? Top. Men."

Is there anyone who can actually tell me what's happening to my ticket?My Visible experience started with two failed digital Sim attempts. After putting in the physical SIM and starting the port it looked like things were improving. They were not. Th...

hofo by Novice II
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No data on specific tower/band

There is a tower I drive by frequently, that causes my service to cut out until it switches to another tower, or unless I disable the affected band (13). TAC-ECI: 39801 - 39753474eNB-LCID: 155287 - 2NID: 74 - 1PCI: 223Band: 13 AFAIK, this tower only ...

Bolter by Novice
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Duplicate automated SMS messages

Just two days ago, I started receiving several copies of the same automated SMS messages. I'm receiving several copies of messages from Square, Amazon, and BofA. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Resolved! Major Porting Issues and 0 Follow up from support

Back story: We have 1 phone and the same number for 15+ years and was on cricket. 1 week ago, I ordered a simcard and a "temp" number so I could test the service compared to cricket.I received everything in a blazing fast amount of time. Did many tes...

jmo2021 by Novice II
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Resolved! Confusion

I have applied and been approved for the EBB. I contacted my carrier Frontier communications and the state Im not eligible, does anyone have any suggestions?

Signup Issues

Every time I try to signup I get an error message: That is not a valid email format. Please try again. My email is valid... 16+ yrs using it. Any suggestions?

dgow13 by Novice II
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Phone replacement

Hi I have had this service for a while now and recently I cracked my phone screen and I was wanting to know how can I get a new phone without getting a new number or having to start a new service here with visible.

Resolved! help understanding number switch

Hello. I'm interested in the service. Exactly how does the number switch/bring your own number work? Does it automatically cancel what I currently have or do I have to call and cancel. Any information would help. Thank you

New customer

New customer here - just paid off my phones with Sprint switching to VisableSo I literally just paid the phones off today, do I have to wait a certain time period before they unlock to switch over to Visable?

eSim question

According to the main website, my phone is compatible with the eSim program, but then it tells me I need to order a SIM card with free next day shipping. I'm very confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'd rather use the eSim option if poss...


It's now been 31 days since I signed up for Visible. Hours of being on the phone, different explanations, promised tech will investigate, phones calls promised, generally the worst company I've ever dealt with. (And it do business with AT&T and Direc...

Kirk by Novice
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Multiple Lines Switching

Hello, My wife and I are switching from a joint plan with AT&T to Visible. My new phone from Visible is supposed to arrive today, but my wife's new phone has not shipped yet. If I activate my Visible phone later today will my wife's old phone lose se...

Bwaters by Novice
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Old iPhone

I'm looking to migrate to visible. Right now I have an older iPhone. It's an iPhone 6s A1633. This phone was originally AT&T. If memory serves (searching the internet seems to confirm) - that generation of iPhone was sold in 2 different varieties - o...

Resolved! 📌✅ 💲5 with code 3qrFRH

Free to join unlimited member party pay group is accepting everybody AND guarantees to keep your bill at $25 mo. by simply joining the party! Here is your Free referral code for $5 ONE MONTH of Visible service for new accounts x $25 monthly bill afte...

New number

Howdy, i tryed to get new number but its something wrong, could you help with registration, my number is +37067035122

Ramzi by Novice
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Issues with MMS messages not sending to people

I been having issues since i ported my number from Google Fi to Visible and I'm unable to MMS pictures or gif to any of my contacts, i have done a factory reset, a network rest, rest Bluetooth and signal, changed out sims cards to see if it would res...

Turn OFF call waiting

I am trying to turn OFF call waiting. it is NOT an option on my phone. I am told that it is a carrier-side option. I am hard if hearing and the beeping causes me trouble when I am in the middle of a call. Visible insists that it is on my side. It is ...

lizey12 by Novice
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Phone exchange

Website says this "You are permitted one exchange. To make the exchange, return the merchandise (including device, charger, battery, instructions, and any other components) in the ORIGINAL box. All merchandise must be in like-new condition and accomp...

Motorola Moto G stylus

The Moto G power 2020 is compatible to your network and it has this network hardware; 4G: LTE band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/14/17/18/19/20/25/26/29/30/38/39/40/41/66/71 | 3G: UMTS band 1/2/4/5/8 | 2G: GSM band 2/3/5/8CDMA: BC0 BC1 BC10The Moto G stylus 20...