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Quick solutions to common wireless service problems

If you’re having any issues with calling, texting, or anything involved in using data, we’re going to provide you with some common network troubleshooting steps. So, if you’re having issues, try the steps below. If you’re still having issues after th...

Forum Overview

Are you having an issue related to your Visible wireless account? You can ask it here. Remember to mark a response as a solution when it solves your problem. You can also search for posts where other members have had their issues resolved and give a ...

Activation in new phone?

I have a new Pixel 5a5g from Google Fi, not made for Verizon/Visible. It's not "supported" because it lacks mmWave 5G. It works fine and, since there's no mmWave anywhere near me, that issue is moot.My Google Fi line uses the eSIM and my Visible SIM ...

How to determine eSIM use

What are the stipulations for using an eSIM? Following some advice found in this forum. I used the mobile app on my Pixel 4XL to sign up, but registration is wanting to send me the activation sim kit. I wanted to just activate the eSIM capabilities o...

Not All Generations of The Pixel 4A Supported

Hi everyone this is really crazy - Visible supports the Pixel 4A but they tell you right on their website it's supported. However it should be clarified their claims of supporting the device are partially true. The first generation of the Pixel 4A *i...

Still not activated :(

So... it's been 17 hours since I tried to activate service with Visible using a physical Visible SIM card and I still don't have service even though I have been charged $25. I've posted below this paragraph what the person on chat just told me. It's ...

Call Forward / Missing? / How to

Im on an iphone XR and when I switched over to Visible ( which works awesome ) I found that the Call Forward option under Settings/Phone was no longer there! Call forwarding IS a feature offered by Visible but I could not find anything explaining how...

jimjrfl by Novice II
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International Prepaid SIM Card

Hello! I am traveling to Italy and Greece at the end of the month. I have an iPhone 8 on Visible. I'm looking at different options to be able to use my phone there. I'm looking into international prepaid SIM cards. They're a little confusing. They sa...

Activation App

Can the Visible App be downloaded from the Visible website ? I don't have an Apple or Google account, and I refuse to get one because I object to the busne

Txt msg problems?

Is anyone gaveling problems with reviving TXT msgs now a lot of codes for banks and auto send show up like this ö€ a~rxÜùÆ4ü L¡9(Ar€yPÖv8LOÖùe7ò.à2éJAwæDNA7æ¤/€9æDGÖfrxÜùnzxLì.&'ΛDà4éR@

Vlordi by Novice
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Did Visible Assign Me A Spam-prone Number?

I am in day 9 with my new phone and new Visible-assigned number. I am receiving between 10 and 23 spam calls per day. Except for one call to my fiance, the assigned number has not been used or posted in any way. I have called no one else, nor have I ...

EdF by Novice
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IMEI Not Available

I got home from the Apple store with a brand-new, unlocked iPhone 12. I downloaded the Visible app and it tells me that my digital IMEI isn't available. I fired-up the chat box, waited on an agent. After chatting with the agent and giving them my IME...

Resolved! Sprint to Visible nightmare

On 8/24, 15 days ago, my family switched to Visible. I did an eSIM. Once my number ported, I was still not able to receive calls. I logged a ticket that same day. I also noticed that my apple watch was not able to make calls without my phone turned o...

Reactivated service 5 Days ago, still waiting.

I made a payment to reactivate my service on 08.03.21 but I'm still waiting for my service to be restored. The app continually says "Please wait for service to be restored. This may take a bit" if it doesn't crash first.Customer service is incredibly...

Using Phone Overseas

I'm going on a cruise in Europe and then the Caribbean. How can I use my iPhone with the Visible plan? Has anyone figured out a way to do this? Rent a wi-fi device for this? New sim card? I'll need it especially with all the COVID stuff and testing a...

Cannot activate my service

After about a week of receiving my SIM card and trying to activate my phone I’m still stuck without service. I was told to update my payment information @TJ but I already paid. And even if I do try the website nor the app give me an opportunity to do...

Switched to Visible and now, nothing....

I recently switched to visible to see if it would be any better than t-mobile, that was a big mistake.My phone number was ported over about a week ago and my phone still will not work.I've reached out everyday to get an update and all I've been given...

crakpot by Novice
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Can’t join party Reddit_Upvote

When I go to join this group via I click the join button then it redirects me to the main party screen. if I go to the main party screen and select this group, I get an “internal server” error in app and a “something went ...

Prcheek by Novice
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Issues with Visible reconnecting service

One week ago, my daughter's service was disconnected because I failed to update her account with my new CC (my fault and I own). The phone was disconnected and we immediately updated the account with the new card and connected with the help desk. The...

jamesm by Novice
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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S21+5G

Does anyone know how to make an unlocked Verizon Samsung Galaxy S21+5G compatible, if possible? Although the model is listed on Visible's website as compatible, it says it isn't when running the EMEI.

"Which men? Top. Men."

Is there anyone who can actually tell me what's happening to my ticket?My Visible experience started with two failed digital Sim attempts. After putting in the physical SIM and starting the port it looked like things were improving. They were not. Th...

hofo by Novice II
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No data on specific tower/band

There is a tower I drive by frequently, that causes my service to cut out until it switches to another tower, or unless I disable the affected band (13). TAC-ECI: 39801 - 39753474eNB-LCID: 155287 - 2NID: 74 - 1PCI: 223Band: 13 AFAIK, this tower only ...

Bolter by Novice
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Duplicate automated SMS messages

Just two days ago, I started receiving several copies of the same automated SMS messages. I'm receiving several copies of messages from Square, Amazon, and BofA. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Resolved! Major Porting Issues and 0 Follow up from support

Back story: We have 1 phone and the same number for 15+ years and was on cricket. 1 week ago, I ordered a simcard and a "temp" number so I could test the service compared to cricket.I received everything in a blazing fast amount of time. Did many tes...

jmo2021 by Novice II
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Resolved! Confusion

I have applied and been approved for the EBB. I contacted my carrier Frontier communications and the state Im not eligible, does anyone have any suggestions?